Where to find the best quality restored stools

Equitack puts its know-how and our skills at your service to offer you a tailor-made saddle, combining tradition and technology and meeting all your requirements. They also provide fine used saddle repair service.

A service that will not require much expense

There is no need to worry about the uncertain future of your stool. Repair or restoration is now possible. Equitack is the best solution for you. They first assure you a state of place on your saddle to claim the various repairs to make. Then they will take care of the restoration from A to Z. They will then give you practical advice for the maintenance of your saddle. With this in mind, Equitack will take care of you. You will then have the opportunity to ride with a saddle in good condition with a quality repair.

The essential maintenance for your equipment

It is recommended to carry out a maintenance at least once after two uses in the context of a sport practice. The maintenance of leather is relatively simple, it consists of two stages: a cleaning phase and then lubrication to feed it. The important thing is to take care of the most exposed areas (in contact with the horse and the rider) and likely to be affected by perspiration. It is never bad to clean your leathers too frequently when using good products. These little tips that Equitack gives you, will ensure the longevity and durability of your saddle.

So, whether you are a horse lover or competitor, choosing a saddle and a good quality net is essential for the good practice of the horse. Once the investment is made, you have to know how to properly maintain your equipment to ensure its life without risk of injury for the rider as for the horse. And if your saddle demands a repair, then Equitack is here to help you.

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