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Equitack has a strong passion towards restoring saddles

Restoring a used horse saddle is not great, there are tutos available online, only to have a better quality of work. We're going to have to wear out the hands of the craftsmen.

A DIY saddle restoration

A special Western or English saddle application can cost more than $1,000 if you buy a new one. As a result, many horse owners are looking for bargains on the chairs used. If you can find a used chair with a solid structure that only needs a little attention, you can save a lot of money and get an excellent saddle for your efforts. Taking a few days to clean and restore an old chair can potentially save hundreds of dollars.

Restoring the saddle by experts

There are a few steps to do, but in the workshops, the work is a chain process. First of all, the condition of the box or frame is assessed. If the box is damaged, a good saddle shop can be repaired or replaced, but expect to pay a few hundred dollars for this work. Adjust your offer price accordingly if you decide to buy the saddle. Place the used saddles on a solid support in an area that allows you to move freely on all four sides. Wet a sponge or soft cloth and drain it until it is only wet.

Now, a good cleaning of my saddle

Use a dampened toothbrush to clean dirt from the leather tool. A soft bristle brush gives better results. Clean the chair slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the leather. Soak a soft cloth in the beef oil with your foot and rub it on the leather. Be careful when using this type of oil on light-colored stools, as it can darken the leather.

Be careful, a saddle that is not well padded can damage the rider's buttocks, but will deform your horse's back.

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