About The IEA

Dear IEA Members and Followers of the IEA,                                                             

The IEA Membership will be disbanded in July of 2018.

The IEA Official Website will be removed near the mid to end of July 2018.
At that time, all images, Links, and Member Pages and info will be removed and deleted.
A more in depth Newsletter went out through email, to each IEA Member on May 3rd.

I want to thank every one of you, Associates, Signature Members and Master Signature Members, who supported and stuck with this membership through its duration.
Thank you for having believed in me and the membership! I greatly appreciate everyone's trust, support and love! I wish for creative success for each and every one of you! Follow your creative heart and you will go far!

Happy Trails and Creating!
Deborah Flood IEA Administrator.


 Deborah Flood